This was the biggest of the three Octos, and it sold out even faster than the last one. Rumi was handling the bulk of the work and did a fantastic job at co-hosting and organising and being generally fantastic. All of the Blues Kitchen Stuttgart team deserve a big shout out. 


Thank you to all the people helping behind the scenes, to all the outstanding teachers and DJs who came and share the vision and of course to each and every single one of the participants.


"...the atmosphere, everyone was sooooo nice, I felt very comfortable, the classes were great! I had so much fun! ... Great event! Looking forward to Octoblues 2017!" 


"Everything was perfectly arranged. We had everything we needed in every moment!

Friendly and amazing crazy and open-minded Blues-People, lots of fun, fantastic teachers with profound knowledge, encouraging spirit, good humour. Awesome dances. Wonderful DJs. Familiar atmosphere. Bigger, but not too big. Enough room to dance and a good floor. Tasty Food. Lovely decoration.

People loving, what they were doing. Everybody could come as they were. Charming MC. And many more good things. Bluesdance-Bliss!!! Thank you for all the work!!!"


"You're awesome, thank you for what you're doing." 


2015 had the idea of skill shares added to the event. Participants could contribute to an inclusive and friendly atmosphere by sharing their knowledge of things other than blues, be it another dance style or something else entirely. It also served as an introduction of the concept of gift-giving as a means of payment. If you can't afford to pay the full workshop fees, you can pay with a skill - bringing inclusivity to work.


We also had a fantastic comeback of the DJ Showdown, and we were being entertained by both familiar and some new DJ faces - Isabella, Kris and Tracy could not resist returning to the decks and they were joined by Jered Morin (USA/Germany) and Dáire Mac An Bháird (Dance Nomad). No one who attended the first event would have thought it would be possible to have that much fun again, but we were all proven wrong by this band of badasses!


With Rufus Herbertson closing the main party on Saturday night with his authentic Delta tunes, there is close to no chance anything could ever be better. We'll keep trying, though. ;-)


 "Man, was the Sunday night party crazy! We partied so hard I am pretty sure we surpassed the official legal limit for fun in Germany. Guess we're lucky nobody called the police. Whoop whoop ;)"


"I'm so grateful to have been a part of the experience."


"Hi Octoblues. Thank you so much for having me - it has been yet another awesome trip! Kisses and love and hugs and shimmies for everyone I danced with and everyone who took up my musical challenges. And extra of it all goes out to Katrin, Tracy, Johanna and Merle."


In 2014 we had the first European DJ showdown held at Octoblues and DJs from 4 blues countries could show their best song-picking skills that amazed the audience and hopefully made everybody aware how important their work is and how all these fantastic parties couldn't be had without their drive and passion to provide dancers with the best music they could find.



"Octoblues! Katrin, Merle and Johanna, you sure know how to throw a party!"