LindyPott is a swing dance community in the Ruhr area, in Northrine Westphalia. It was founded by Peter Bieniossek and Marina Fischer in 2006 and has been catering to an ever growing scene of enthusiastic dancers with workshops, classes, parties, and more.


They say: "We love swing dancing and we want to share the joy with you!"


....and now they want to help Octoblues make those people find their blues bliss. Let's do it!

Katrin (on the right)

...started blues dancing in 2012 and had my first ever experience of a blues event at Choose Your Blues in Heidelberg. The teachers (and organisers) were outstanding not just in dancing but also in being an eternal source of inspiration on and off the dance floor.

Ever since, I have wanted to keep learning while also spreading the love. With Octoblues, I want to make this feeling accessible and help co-creating a scene that is progressive, inclusive, feminist and inspiring.

The Blues in Heidelberg - Team

Annette, Laura and Kris are the founders of the scene in Heidelberg and have become my blues mommies.

While Annette and Kris have taken on different projects but are still teaching dance, Laura is the new visionary behind the Heidelberg scene - For local events, check out the Blues in Heidelberg Homepage

A special shout-out to Merle and Johanna for having been my co-organisers for the first two events. They shouldered not just workload but also the emotional moments that come with such a big project. You are wonderful and I would not have been able to make anything happen without you!

Blues Kitchen Stuttgart

In 2016, Octoblues decided to travel to Heidelberg's wonderful blues neighbour Stuttgart (it's got a mind of it's own, this one ;-)).

Rumi and Heike have been putting on events there for some time already and will be the main organisers this year while Katrin is busy getting her degree done.

So let's all help this little festivals' trips become a blast! Maybe it'll come your way next year...