Points of Interest


the central square(?) in Heidelberg, most bus and tram lines stop here. It is surrounded by shopping centres (Galleria Kaufhof, Müller, ….) and the famous Hauptstraße starts right there.


Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof

this is the main station, a bit outside the city center. From here you can take a bus or tram to Bismarckplatz and start exploring from there. The tram 23 and 24 will take you to our party venue (get off at "Burgstraße") If you want to get home first, take a cab or check out public transport.


Heidelberg Altstadt / Old Town train station

this is where the Hauptstraße ends and also the western border of Heidelberg. Here you can find a S-Bahnhof (short distance train station) and a bus station that serves the old town. Right next to it is the Karlstor building, the former train station that now houses a night club and a cinema. From here it is a short walk to the old town, to the castle and university square.



shopping mile in Heidelberg, starting at Bismarckplatz and continuing until Karlstor, end of the old city. Walking along the Hauptstraße you find shops, restaurants, boutiques, tourist stands, ice cream, chocolate... whatever your heart desires! It will also lead you to the major sites in Heidelberg, like the castle, Old Bridge, Restaurant Perkeo, Hotel Ritter, City Hall etc. etc.


Universitätsplatz / university square

This is were the biggest university buildings in the old city are located, the Neue Universität (new university) and the Alte Universität (old university) along with the Studentenkarzer (student prison). Busses 31 and 32 from Bismarckplatz or Hauptbahnhof stop here and it is easy to get to the Old Bridge and the castle, which are just a few minutes away.


River Neckar (no, it's not the Rhine ;-))

If it's warm outside, you will see people flocking to the banks of the Neckar, or as we call it "Neckarwiese" to have a beer, BBQ, or just relax in the sun. The river divides the north and south of Heidelberg and draws a line between districts, too. South of the river you have Altstdat (old town, where our workshop venue is), Weststadt and Bergheim (and further down Kirchheim, Südstadt and Rohrbach) and north of the river there's Neuenheim (the fancy part) and Handschuhsheim (where our party venue is).

Public Transport

The local public transport service is called Verkehrsbund­Rhein­Neckar, short VRN. Sometimes also RNV, no one knows why.

PLEASE DO BUY A TICKET since being caught without one will cost you a fine of EUR 40.,--


To buy tickets, use the orange ticket machines provided or go to a service point (Heidelberg main station, Heidelberg Bismarckplatz) and make sure you validate your ticket inside the tram/bus.

Note that at some machines you have to type in HD for Heidelberg before you enter your location → I am at the main station and want to go to Bismarckplatz: type as a destination 'HD Bismarckplatz'


Single tickets

“City ticket” (EUR 1.20): Only if you live very central and just need to get around in the old city

“Preisstufe 2” (EUR 2.30): If you want to get out of the centre (e.g. to VOLKANO restaurant) or live with a host or in a hotel/hostel that is not central, then you have to get a ticket for

“Preisstufe 2” for inside Heidelberg and

“Preisstufe 3” for neighbouring towns such as Dossenheim or Wieblingen.

You can purchase several tickets and use them up one by one.

Do not forget to validate your ticket inside the train when you use it.


Day tickets

If you are travelling around inside Heidelberg, it makes sense to purchase a day ticket, especially if you are a group for it gets cheaper with every person (up to 5 travellers for one ticket). It is valid until 3am the following day on weekdays and until 6am the following day on weekends (nights Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday).

Prices for the day ticket (valid for Preisstufe 1­-3, so the city of Heidelberg):

Travellers per ticket / ticket price: 1=6.40€; 2=8.90€; 3=11.40€; 4=13.90€; 5= 16.40€.

Do not forget to validate your ticket inside the train when you first use it.



Costs EUR 15.20€ per person and is valid on the day of purchase and the two following days. It allows you to travel as much as you want with any public transport service in Heidelberg.

Do not forget to validate your ticket inside the train when you first use it.


Heidelberg Card, Heidelberg Pass etc.

There are special deals for activities, tours and sights that include public transport. A great overview can be found at the tourist information website 


Night busses /trains

On Friday night and Saturday there are night busses operating in Heidelberg, called Moonliners. Note that they often do not have the usual line number but start with an M for Moonliner and may have a different number than the day busses. The Moonliners leave from Bismarckplatz, usually every hour. Please make sure to plan ahead using the website / app.


Trams do keep their numbers and just operate longer on Fridays and Saturdays (e.g. the line 5 that goes from Bismarckplatz to Burgstraße, where the VOLKANO is).


For timetables and more info see VRN website.

Hiring a Bike

Definitely the best, easiest and cheapest way to get around in Heidelberg is by bike. 


Our public transport system started putting up bike sharing stations around Heidelberg. 

Renting a bike with them is 9 EUR per day or 29 EUR for one week. It may seem a bit more expensive than public transport, but since trains tend to run only sporadically after 8pm you might consider this option.

You have to sign up to use the service.

Check out their website for more information about locations and prices. It's very convenient and we can only recommend it.

There is also a bike rental in Heidelberg: (district Bergheim)

Radhof Bergheim

unfortunately the site is mostly in German, but you can find the address on the page and then just go there. People in Heidelberg are used to international clientele ;-)


If you want to bring your own bike, they can be taken onto public transport for a charge. After 7pm and on weekends it's free to take your bike on the train (very handy in case of rain).

Tourist Office and Taxi Number

The Heidelberg Marketing agency has a tourist office outside the main station (Hauptbahnhof) and at Neckarmünzplatz (between Old Town station and university square, close to the river Neckar).




Taxi number

If you get lost or just don't want to wait for public transport, call a cab!

Within Heidelberg you usually pay around 12 – 15 Euros. Just go to a central location like Bismarckplatz, Universitätsplatz or Old Bridge to find a wating cab or make sure to save the following number in your phone to call a cab:

+49 6221 302030


Please have your exact address with you to tell the driver. Some street names are quite frequently used and if you live in one of the parts of Heidelberg like Wieblingen, Dossenheim, Kirchheim, etc. then chances are that the Kirchstraße in Heidelberg is somewhere entirely different to the Kirchstraße in Heidelberg-Dossenheim ;-)