SOLD OUT  -  we did it again!

What?! You all are awesome - you keep taking up every single workshop pass and packing the parties.
Party passes and single party tickets are still available!


Since you bring us so much joy, let's do it again, but with a twist --


This year, our theme is "Rhythm and the Blues", with workshops sending us on an immersive journey of creative rhythms in all types of Blues. Your dancing creativity will explode with the fun rhythms and musicality knowledge.


Look what we did in the past - it's going to be even better this time! Promise!

The Mission

Did you know that an octopus has not one, not two, but THREE hearts? It's true! Two are pumping their blue blood to their gills and the third one circulates it through their bodies.


Octopodes are all sorts of amazing -- and so is Blues dancing. The wonderful thing about blues dancing is that it stands on three pillars - the music, the dance, and the people. All three combined bring the joy to our communities and into our dancing. All three need to be cherished and nurtured.

This is the vision behind Octoblues.