Octoblues is travelling to Dortmund

Dortmund has been named Germany's most sustainable city and is home to amazing beers as well as other things to see and do.



  • New better venue: check it out under Location.
  • Best teacher setup in the west: look under Teachers.    
  • Live music: Because this year will be the best Octoblues ever, we have not just one, but TWO (2!) outstanding live musicians: Dan Nash and Rufus Herbertson, on top of our usual DJ extravaganza. 

Workshop Passes sold out - Party and Evening Class Passes still available!

This year, our workshops will send us on a journey throughout the history of blues and our teachers will deliver an immersive blues experience for the ones lucky enough to snatch up a workshop pass. 


They are, alas, sold out. But behold! - Our evening classes still have some spots left and can be combined with party passes as well. So build your own adventure by checking out the classes we offer and signing up online.


Please note there will be no tickets at the door, all passes MUST be purchased online!

Look what we did last year - it's going to be even better this time! Promise!

The Mission

Did you know that an octopus has not one, not two, but THREE hearts? It's true! Two are pumping their blue blood to their gills and the third one circulates it through their bodies.


Octopodes are all sorts of amazing, and so is blues dancing. The wonderful thing about blues dancing is that it stands on three pillars - the music, the dance, and the people. All three combined bring the joy to our communities and into our dancing. All three need to be cherished and nurtured.

This is the vision behind Octoblues.